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As part of the Spring 2020 Residency-In-Your-Room Fellowship provided by the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO For Creative Inquiry this piece is a musical interpretation of COVID-19 using MAX MSP. For the full project visit: 

The piece is about the struggle of an artist during the coronavirus. They ultimately learn that art has no boundaries and can be created, shared, and enjoyed while staying inside. This piece uses experimental film editing and electronic processing. It was premiered at Carnegie Mellon University's Virtual Student Composer Concert on May 9th, 2020.

Featuring Veepra Mishra, dancer 

Home to 82 is a piece that combines both western music with Indian classical influences as a way of portraying two coexisting cultures. This piece is dedicated to my family and friends at home. This piece was premiered by Carnegie Mellon University School of Music students on December 9th 2019.

This piece is a piano solo inspired by impressionistic compositional techniques. The theme of the piece is a reflection of peace and simplicity of a pink sky. This piece was performed by Shambhavi Mishra on January 31st 2020. 

This piece is an exploration of colored noise, its interaction with musical instruments and composition using spectralism techniques. This piece was premiered March 2020. 

This piece is a spoken word interpretation of surrealism using a tone row. The quote in the piece is by Langston Hughes stating "Perhaps the mission of an artist is to interpret beauty to people — the beauty within themselves."

This piece was premiered February 2020

This is an experimental piece that uses time lapse video sequences, field recordings, and graphical composition techniques in order to present an aleatoric styled improvisation. This piece was performed by the Exploded Ensemble at Carnegie Mellon University's Pushing Air Concert on May 4th 2019.

This is experimental piece is a sound design project using techniques such as audio specialization, field recordings, and electronic processing in order to narrate a haunting environment. This project was premiered February 2019.

In the 21st century, we are heavily reliant on a variety of electronic and mechanical devices that surround us in our everyday lives to the extent that if/when we immerse ourselves into nature, we cannot hear silence. There will always be a mechanical sound present in nature due to our own actions of rapid industrial development. This piece is a reflection of this experience and presents a battle for balance and discord between nature (man) and machine. There are field recordings both of natural and mechanical sounds that interact with the instrumentalist. Each instrument plays a role in being their own acoustic sound/voice, but also imitate sounds of both mechanical and natural field recordings. This piece is the narrative realization of our perception of silence being augmented and artificial. It was premiered by Carnegie Mellon University School of Music students on December 8th 2019.

Flight of a Kite is an auditory and visual journey of a kite. The composition has three distinct sections that reveal part of the whole story. The entire piece escalates from points of weightlessness, to anguish and ending in freedom. The visual element of lighting has been pre-programmed to follow the music and reflect the emotions of the story with color. This piece was premiered by Carnegie Mellon School of Music students on May 4th 2019.

This piece is inspired by minimalism compositional techniques with a playful mood contrasting its challenging metrical changes. It was read and recorded by Third Coast Percussion in April 2020.

This piece is an experiment in combining electronic processing with atonality. The theme of spaciousness influences the structure and processing of the piece. This piece was premiered February 2020. 

Glitch is short film project using live action and stop animation. The main character is playing a game on their laptop when it suddenly starts to glitch out of control and teleports the character into the laptop. The main character travels to different worlds, meets new characters, but their laptop's battery is slowly dying and needs to escape before it's too late.

This is an experimental soundtrack compilation to a short shot animation series was a speed project featuring a stick figure character being transported into four different worlds. Each world is personified through the soundtrack. This speed project was premiered March 2019.

Raindrops is a rhythmically driven, world music inspired composition portrays the lighthearted and playful emotions of as a child plays in a summer rainfall. Raindrops is the first of three movements in The Storm Suite of this wind ensemble composition. This piece was premiered on May 3rd 2018 by the West Windsor Plainsboro High School North Wind Ensemble.

This piece reimagined contemporary punk rock version of Rebel Girl originally by Bikini Kill. This piece was premiered the Exploded Ensemble at their Punk Died But Its Fine Concert on March 24th 2019. 

The Sound And The Fury compilation is a literary interpretation project inspired by the original book. Each track is the musical embodiment of the three brothers - Benjy representing the preservation of innocence, Quentin representing the struggle against time, and Jason representing chaos and recklessness.  This compilation of pieces was premiered in May 2018. 

At The Strike of Lightning is the second of three movements in The Storm Suite of this wind ensemble composition. This rendition is the piano version of the movement and was performed by Shambhavi Mishra for the Hal Leonard Carol Klose Piano Composition Competition in 2016. 

RED is a piano solo performed by Shambhavi Mishra that was a finalist at The New School for Music Study Composition Competition in  April 2015. 

The Early Experiments album features a variety of tracks of mixed instrumental genres such as jazz, hip-hop, funk, pop, EDM, contemporary piano solos, and many more. This album is a compilation of works premiered from 2015 to 2019. 

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